Cloud & Managed Security Services

Anyone who is using the internet is exposed to attack, The attack can be of any type, maybe a malware or a type of hacking, spam emails or DDoS attack etc.
When these types of attacks happen to website, it will have a great impact on your business. In order to avoid this, the network security services that an organisation outsources to a service provider are known as Managed Security Services (MSS).
Thus, these services are required in order to manage the IT security of any organisation.
Categories of Managed Services in IT Security:
  • Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessments (VAPT): It includes scanning of applications and attempting to hack the application so that any vulnerabilities present will be found.
  • Perimeter management of the client’s network: It includes firewall management and detecting threats for hardware and software.
  • Managed security monitoring: It includes continuous monitoring of the network for threats.
  • Compliance monitoring: It includes keeping the logs for changes in the system in terms of violating the security policies.
  • In-site Consulting: It includes integration with other products, support after attack and emergency incident response.
MSS Offerings:
  • VAPT
  • SIEM
  • Managed SOC / Next Gen SOC
  • Managed EDR
  • Managed Devices
  • Managed Vulnerability
  • Managed Services
  • RE Services
  • Professional Services (I&C)

Cloud Services:

Managed cloud services are services that offer partial or complete management of a client’s cloud resources or infrastructure. Management responsibilities can include migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance.
Are you looking to move your network on Cloud?? Are you looking for any of these services??
Cloud Infrastructure…Cloud Managed Services…Cloud Migration… We are here to help you move your network on any of these Cloud infrastructure… private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multiclouds.
Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets — like data, workloads, IT resources, or applications — to cloud infrastructure.
Few of the Cloud Services Offerings…
  • Managed Services for Cloud Applications

  • Managed Services for Database

  • Managed Services for Cloud Infrastructure